Connect APIs

Integration framework that delivers a growing library of easy integration plug-ins and adapters without a significant investment in custom technology, costly and lengthy integration projects or disrupting users' workflow and core systems.

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Many LSPs lack the budget and technical resources to either develop or replace and integrate their current technology and re-train their users. Users lack the time and discipline to operate between multiple systems to get the pricing insights they need.

The integration framework enables the technology needed to compete with well-funded, tech-led and digital freight brokers with limited investment of time and valuable capital.

By connecting people, price, demand and supply, in the systems you and your trading partners already use, and our partners together enable a truly digital dynamic sourcing experience through a connected logistics ecosystem. Connect APIs delivers seamless integration to your existing technology ecosystem with:

• Pre-built, real-time connections to market data sources and leading TMS & CRM's
• Well-documented, flexible API's for quick, easy integration into proprietary solutions
• Frictionless connectivity with your customers' TMS solutions for high confidence spot quotes
• UI extensions for leading Brokerage TMS & CRM solutions for fully integrated pricing intelligence

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