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In many organizations there is a great deal of friction between the buy and sell side of the transaction. Customer reps are often unsure how to price low enough to win the business but high enough to ensure margin targets are maintained. Carrier reps are often bound by overly aggressive target buy rates which result in difficulty of finding a reliable carrier to cover the load. Both sides are often left wondering if they are leaving money on the table.

Most TMS and CRM applications lack both robust pricing intelligence AND reporting & analytics needed to adequately take decisive action on pricing performance trends at the rep, team, customer, and lane level. Insights provide dashboards and analytics that are rich with actionable business insight for managers and user answering such questions as:

• How is your team performing?
• Which customers are worth spending more time on?
• How to assign the right loads to the right rep to optimize overall margin and coverage time
• And much more…

Don't let traditional pricing methods or gut-feel pricing cheat you out of growth opportunities or margin

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