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At a time when other tech companies are passing along exorbitant increases in monthly subscription fees, we're committed to helping our industry weather the storm of the current economy. For a limited time, we are pleased to offer discounted monthly subscriptions on new contracts to help you WIN MORE BUSINESS, MORE PROFITABLY.

Cutting technology investments seems like a cost-saving measure, but studies show it's actually the opposite.

According to a recent KPMG study, the companies who performed well coming out of the 2008-2009 Great Recession employed similar strategies that resulted in those companies to post 36.5% revenue growth, 1.1% growth in gross profits and 0.9% growth in EBIT on average while others were seeing revenues, profits and EBIT decline.

No doubt that times are tough right now for many in our industry. And in times like these, when it comes time to cut expenses, some companies look to their tech budgets to make cuts. Usually with budgets for new technology as the first to go.

Those who won in the 2008 recession not only took cost actions to preserve margin when sales slowed but used the downturn to plot future growth strategies by continuing to invest in their business through new technology or assets.

No Outages, No Overages, No Averages, No BS

For a limited time, save up to 20% off.

Greenscreens.ai pricing platform is designed for the truckload spot freight market. By utilizing big data and advanced machine learning techniques, we provide real-time market price predictions that factor in your company's buying power. Our platform not only arms you with highly accurate buy rates, but also suggests sell prices based on powerful data analysis. Our solution has been tested and proven to help companies increase their win rate, protect and grow their margins, and enhance their sales representative productivity.
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Powerful pricing intelligence at your fingertips

Greenscreens Web

Intuitive business intelligence is designed to help users make more informed decisions faster.

Our easy-to-use decision support framework not only shows users the buy and sell predictions but also arms them with powerful data to support the pricing decision including your historical data over various time periods, a comparison to the Greenscreens.ai Network rate, your top carriers in the lane and our Negotiation Coach to highlight key points for negotiating with carriers or customers.

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Leverage the power of Greenscreens Web in the systems you already use

Greenscreens.ai Superchargers for TMS and CRM enable enhanced operational tools directly in your TMS or CRM so you can book more business faster (and with confidence) without changing your core system or user workflow.

Users can leverage all the power and market intelligence of Greenscreens Web without ever leaving their existing system and workflow.

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Going "live" is just the beginning our journey together, not the end. As a valued customer, you get access to our data science team and machine learning-powered continuous improvement. We will meet with you regularly to review performance and optimize your success.

Our flat monthly fee is based on the size of your business which means NO transactional fees, NO user-based fees, NO API fees and NO SURPRISE INVOICES. When you win, we win!!

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