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Machine-learning & custom rules engine behind the platform and provides users with market intelligence and synchronized buy & sell target prices

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Every LSP has its own "secret sauce" that differentiates it from its competitors and positions it for success. But how do you leverage that core competence in a dynamic, volatile pricing environment without sacrificing margins and a significant investment in data science and business intelligence?

Our machine-learning & custom rules engine is enriched by real-time market data, our proprietary consortium data and augmented with key transportation-specific analytics and data points to predict near-term market activity. Rate Wizard is trained using the magic of data science, Machine Learning and AI Toolsets delivering highly relevant market intelligence to accelerate decision making at the level closest to the customer. advanced pricing rules allow you to easily tune the pricing engine to your business goals and competitive advantages resulting in a synchronized buy & sell rate that is grounded in the reality of current market conditions and your historical buying & selling behavior helping you to increase your win rate, protect margins and find coverage at the right price.

Don't let traditional pricing methods or gut-feel pricing cheat you out of growth opportunities or margin

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