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The volatility of truckload capacity supply & demand drives significant margin uncertainty when quoting customers. Factors such as market conditions, seasonality, supply chain disruptions, load attributes, lane difficulty, and customer constraints can further compromise your achievable margin.

Greenscreens Web provides users with an intuitive, easy to use user experience. The system generates highly accurate, synchronized buy and sell side price targets driven by your historical buying & selling behavior, aggregated market data, and your own custom pricing rules.

As a user you will gain insight into the current market conditions; current & historical freight index benchmarks and our Negotiation Coach and other tools provide users with decision support tools to help them make better pricing decisions faster.

By synchronizing and streamlining both the buy and sell side pricing decisions through a single pane of glass, reduces transaction friction and minimizes the time and steps required to quote a customer, win the business and find the capacity to book the load. Allowing your team to make better decisions…faster.

Personalized Target Buy & Sell Rate Predictions

Optimized by machine learning. Leverages your historical buying and selling behavior against current market conditions to deliver a prescriptive rate that is specific to your buying power.

Your Historical Data

Provides visibility to what you have historically paid in the lane over multiple time periods from 7-days to trailing 13-months.

Greenscreens Network Rate

Shows the rate prediction for the aggregated data that resides in the network unbiased by your own buying power.

Top Carriers

Identifies the carriers in your existing carrier network that have moved the load for you over the past 60-days including details about volume, price point and recency. Allows users to easily connect with the carriers.

Solicit real-time carrier bids

Connects you to your carrier network by requesting and receiving real-time bids for the lane. Allows you to see all bids your company has requested and received for the lane as another indicator of market behavior.

Quote customers faster

Be more responsive to your customers' requests for quote. Initiate a detailed quote email to your customer directly from your Greenscreens Web UI. Provides the flexibility to adjust mileage, markup and add accessorial charges.

Win-Loss Analysis

Understand not only the suggested customer pricing for a lane but also what your customers' price tolerance is through visibility to the price at which you've been winning and losing business on the lane.

Negotiation Coach

Coaches your users on key facts they can use when negotiating price with a carrier or a customer.

Batch rating

Experience fast, accurate pricing and visibility to historical data on up to 2,500 lanes at a time with our easy-to-use batch rating capabilities

Real-Time pricing performance metrics

Understand in real-time how well the algorithm is predicting prices in comparison to your booked loads. Quickly understand the "outliers" to help adjust internal behavior and pricing strategies.

Don't let traditional pricing methods or gut-feel pricing cheat you out of growth opportunities or margin

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