April 19, 2023

123Loadboard and Greenscreens Join Forces to Give Carriers Optimized Freight Rates by Lane


123Loadboard, a leading freight matching platform, and Greenscreens, a dynamic pricing infrastructure that optimizes historical and real-time market data announced their partnership to provide dynamic high and low lane rates to be displayed on loads for offer to carriers on 123Loadboard’s freight platform.

123Loadboard members will benefit from real-time rate trends predicted by Greenscreens pricing AI platform that leverage industry rate knowledge about actual and adjacent lanes in the transportation loads network. Carriers can now eliminate guesswork in their negotiations and make more profitable business decisions based on current and historical rate data.

Beyond finding a load, carriers can also forecast their profits and have a fully seamless digital booking experience when they search 123Loadboards freight, place bids, and digitally book loads for their equipment. Besides loads and trucks, members will be able to access multiple rates, documents, mileage, and routing and credit ratings along with other services readily available within the platform.

“Greenscreens aggregated pricing solution uses advanced machine learning techniques and enables us to deliver dynamic freight market pricing on a level not previously available to the carrier as it is specific to lane and equipment type and based on carriers’ load booking and haul behavior. Through 123Loadboard, we have integrated our pricing technology and have accurate, real-time, haul-price ranges available for the carriers and owner operators,” says Dawn Salvucci, CEO and Chief Product Officer, Greenscreens.

Working together, 123Loadboard and Greenscreens gives drivers access to additional sources of industry freight rates and lets them select loads based on optimized pricing trends for their equipment type while allowing them to see the highest and lowest market rates enabling them to negotiate favorable haul rates. A 123Loadboard membership provides carriers with valuable insights offering multi-level pricing intelligence so the truck driver can become more cost-efficient in their business operations.

“Our partnership with empowers our members by providing them with a platform that combines technology to supply powerful rate tools so carriers can approach the broker or shipper armed with rate intelligence and unlock better opportunities to increase freight hauling prices and transform their businesses and maximizing their load profits,” says Loarn Metzen, Co-Founder, 123Loadboard.

123Loadboard and Greenscreens acknowledge that as the spot market rates continues to fluctuate, it is imperative that new pricing tools are available to carriers and owner operators providing them with predictive rate technology using historical and current market data based on up-to-the-minute hauling prices. 123Loadboard’s platform will deliver real-time lane and equipment pricing to help drivers manage their load and route profitability.

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