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Close enough isn't good enough anymore

Pricing freight with traditional methods or gut feel won't cut it in the digital age

Pricing is manual, slow, and too reliant on data and tools which are often "dirty" and backward-looking market averages

Market conditions change rapidly

Customers' responsiveness expectations are increasing

Wisdom is locked in the heads of the old guard with the most tribal knowledge

Broker life is hard, and turnover is 40% the first year and 80% the second year

Hiring and ramping up new brokers is difficult and time consuming

Impact to the business

Loss or lower margins
Poor customer win rate or retention
Competitive fallout
Business continuity issues

The Greenscreens solution

Predictive pricing recommendations for maximum broker margins

Dynamic market rate insights

Greenscreens.ai is a dynamic pricing infrastructure for the truckload spot rate market that delivers buy and sell-side market intelligence and business insights to help you bid more effectively and as a result grow and protect your margins

Driven by Real-time market data

With Greenscreens.ai, users gain access to high-confidence, predictive buy rate guidance and differentiated pricing strategies that are powered by the industry's most up-to-date and contextually relevant dataset

Personalized to your company's unique behavior

We combine the power of aggregated market data and your historical rate & transaction data with advanced machine learning techniques to deliver short-term, predictive freight market pricing specific to your company's individual buying and selling behavior

Seamlessly integrated to existing system & workflow

Our robust integration framework supports quick, easy integration into your existing technology ecosystem and enables enhanced operational tools directly in your TMS or CRM so you can book more business faster without changing your core systems or user workflow

Quote with Confidence with Greenscreens.ai

Every rate prediction from Greenscreens.ai comes with a confidence score that helps to remove the guesswork as to how hard it will be to cover a load at the given price.
Confidence analysis based on:
How much historical data is behind the decision?
How much volatility is there in the origin and destination markets?
What is the spread between the low & high potential rate outcomes for the lane?

Powerful pricing intelligence at your fingertips

Greenscreens Web

Intuitive business intelligence is designed to help users make more informed decisions faster.

Our easy-to-use decision support framework not only shows users the buy and sell predictions but also arms them with powerful data to support the pricing decision including your historical data over various time periods, a comparison to the Greenscreens.ai Network rate, your top carriers in the lane and our Negotiation Coach to highlight key points for negotiating with carriers or customers.

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Leverage the power of Greenscreens Web in the systems you already use

Greenscreens.ai Superchargers for TMS and CRM enable enhanced operational tools directly in your TMS or CRM so you can book more business faster (and with confidence) without changing your core system or user workflow.

Users can leverage all the power and market intelligence of Greenscreens Web without ever leaving their existing system and workflow.

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Connected to the systems you already use

with limited investment of time and valuable capital
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With Greenscreens you can

Quote with confidence
Based on real-time market conditions and your company's individual buying power
Grow & protect your margins
With synchronized buy & sell price recommendations & business insights
Improve operational productivity
By reducing the time, uncertainty and friction involved in pricing & booking loads
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Don't just take our word for it. Hear what our customers have to say…

Greenscreens.AI is not just a pricing engine. It is a critical business intelligence platform. Greenscreens.AI has not only provided us with fast accurate pricing but has become an extension of our own data science team. I gave them my data and they gave it back to me better!

Michael Caney
Chief Growth Officer, Port City Logistics

Greenscreens.ai has given us the confidence and guidance to be more aggressive with quoting our truckload freight and winning more business.

Ryan Renne
CEO & Co-Founder, FreightSaver

Greenscreens.ai has helped Gulf Relay streamline our pricing strategy by giving us the confidence to understand our true buy rate in the market. This information allows us to provide accurate, timely information back to our customer base, ultimately allowing us to win more freight.

Scott Auslund
CEO, Gulf Relay

Greenscreens.ai is a company with a great approach to identifying solutions to pervasive problems and collaborating with customers to build a better mousetrap. Greenscreens.ai's team is customer-focused. They listen and they deliver. When you have great people, the right culture and execute at a high level, you're going to have great customers and not a lot of competition. That's been my experience with Greenscreens.ai

Mark Casey
VP & General Manager, RDS Logistics

Greenscreens.ai helped LGI, Inc. win a significant business opportunity before completing the full implementation. It's built confidence in our carrier and customer sales teams. Greenscreens.ai is not only a pricing platform; they are an integral partner as we grow. Through mutual vendors and unique applications, we're able to provide real-time data, see changes in the market as they happen, and leverage automation. Their team has been great to work with, they provide input, take feedback, and execute it.

Brandon Bay
Vice President Corporate Strategy & Marketing, Logistics Group International, Inc.

It does not matter if you're an intern, new employee on day one, an experienced Broker, or an executive. Everyone in the company has a stake in better understanding market dynamics. Greenscreens.ai has helped us quote more accurately through a solution that provides the insight to make better business decisions faster while remaining responsive to customer needs in a highly volatile market.

Elliot Brazil
Director of Pricing Strategy, NFI Industries

Greenscreens.ai has become our go-to tool for spot pricing, not only for customer quotes but also for our entire Carrier Sales team. The user experience is great so it was easy to get the team to buy in. What has been most impressive about our experience is the attention to detail. They are committed to constantly making the product better and the pricing more accurate every week. The recent release of the Carrier Acceptance tool was a huge hit, helping our Carrier Sales team better understand the market and how pricing changes based on shipment details. We're all in on Greenscreens and look forward to becoming even more integrated with them as we invest in our own in-house tech solutions.

Tray Harrell
Owner, Fox Freight and Logistics

Greenscreens.ai has given ARL Logistics the rating tool we always hoped to have. Unlike with other products, our users have an interactive experience that combines intelligent analytics and insight to market data, our internal data and user feedback to provide real-time dynamic pricing. The seamless integration with our TMS made the transition effortless. They adapt to industry needs, and their team is constantly looking for feedback to enhance the product. Greenscreens.ai has cemented themselves as a long-term strategic partner with ARL Logistics.

Jordan Reber
Executive Vice President, ARL Network

Greenscreens AI has helped us better understand our own actions as a rapidly growing company – especially with our response to the challenging freight market we've been through over the past couple of years. They do so through superior data presentation and analytics – with an app that works with our current TMS to present data at the click of a button. We can see how efficiently we purchase capacity today versus how we've done historically and identify problematic lanes or trends and take action. It's a great point of reference to better understand day-to-day operations and how effectively we quote and win – especially on spot freight. With repeat lanes we can get a quick view of our carrier density on repeat shipments all within the app that interfaces with our TMS. Their team has been attentive and helpful throughout our onboarding and we can count on them to help us understand the outliers within our own data set. Greenscreens AI is an effective tool for us and I would recommend checking it out.

Mike Tuley
VP of Operations, Sethmar Transportation

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About us

Greenscreens.ai offers a dynamic pricing infrastructure for the logistics industry that optimizes and enriches historical and real-time market data to predict buy rates and sell prices that are 2 – 3X more accurate than traditional pricing methods, empowering LSPs to increase profit per transaction and volume per rep.

We were started in 2020 by a team of veterans who have collectively spent over 100 years in the supply chain industry.

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