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Experience the Future
of Predictive Freight Pricing

Experience the future of predictive freight pricing

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The Greenscreens solution

Maximize broker margin with predictive pricing recommendations.
  • Personalize buy and sell price representative of your brokerage buying power
  • Aggregated Network Rate
  • No transactional fees
  • Flat monthly fee based on size of business
  • Insight into your long-term and short-term buying history
  • Access your top carrier partners through one single workflow screen
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Dynamic market rate insights is a dynamic pricing infrastructure for the truckload spot rate market that delivers buy and sell-side market intelligence and business insights to help you bid more effectively and as a result grow and protect your margins
Driven by Real-time market data
With, users gain access to high-confidence, predictive buy rate guidance and differentiated pricing strategies that are powered by the industry's most up-to-date and contextually relevant dataset
Personalized to your company's unique behavior
We combine the power of aggregated market data and your historical rate & transaction data with advanced machine learning techniques to deliver short-term, predictive freight market pricing specific to your company's individual buying and selling behavior
Seamlessly integrated to existing system & workflow
Our robust integration framework supports quick, easy integration into your existing technology ecosystem and enables enhanced operational tools directly in your TMS or CRM so you can book more business faster without changing your core systems or user workflow

With Greenscreens you can

Quote with
Based on real-time market conditions and your company's individual buying power
Grow & protect your margins
With synchronized buy & sell price recommendations & business insights
Improve operational productivity
By reducing the time, uncertainty and friction involved in pricing & booking loads
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Quote with Confidence

Every rate prediction from comes with a confidence score that helps to remove the guesswork as to how hard it will be to cover a load at the given price.
Confidence analysis based on:
  • How much historical data is behind the decision?
  • How much volatility is there in the origin and destination markets?
  • What is the spread between the low & high potential rate outcomes for the lane?

Impact to the business

Loss or Lower
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Win Rate or
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Increase in
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Business continuity
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Powerful pricing intelligence at your fingertips


Greenscreens Core

Intuitive business intelligence is designed to help users make more informed decisions faster.
Our easy-to-use decision support framework not only shows users the buy and sell predictions but also arms them with powerful data to support the pricing decision including your historical data over various time periods, a comparison to the Network rate, your top carriers in the lane and our Negotiation Coach to highlight key points for negotiating with carriers or customers.
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Greenscreens Integrated

Leverage the power of Greenscreens in the systems you already use. Integrated in your TMS or CRM so you can book more business faster (and with confidence) without changing your core system or user workflow. 

Users can leverage all the power and market intelligence of Greenscreens without ever leaving their existing system and workflow. 
Check out our current list of integrated products.
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Greenscreens Ignite

Greenscreens Ignite is a powerful product add-on that provides insight into your quoting success. Ignite arms users with powerful analytic tools that effortlessly uncover opportunities and hurdles in today's dynamic market landscape. Whether zooming out for a panoramic view or diving into specific data points, users gain valuable insights to swiftly gauge the market against their organization's performance.
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Greenscreens Insights

Most TMS and CRM applications lack both robust pricing intelligence AND reporting & analytics needed to adequately take decisive action on pricing performance trends at the rep, team, customer, and lane Insights provide dashboards and analytics that are rich with actionable business insight for managers and user answering such questions as:
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Connected to the systems you already use

with limited investment of time and valuable capital
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The path to optimal performance for the long haul's proven approach to onboarding ensures a rapid time to value
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Kickoff & Onboarding
System validation
Win more business, more profitably!
Scoping Call - after this, we receive data and SOW from customer and train initial model
Kick-off Call - we review initial model results with customer
"Validation" period - we work closely with customers on model enhancements (cleaning data / adding filters, etc.) to get to Success Criteria
Training - during validation period - we train their team and ask for Super Users to poke holes...
Once Success Criteria met, Go Live
Our flat monthly fee is based on the size of your business which means NO transactional fees, NO user-based fees, NO API
fees and NO SURPRISE INVOICES. When you win, we win!!

Don't let traditional pricing methods or gut-feel pricing cheat you out of growth opportunities or margin

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