Partnership with Greenscreens has partnered with leading organizations that understand the power of a connected ecosystem and want to revolutionize the digital evolution of logistics.

By connecting people, price, demand and supply, in the systems you and your trading partners already use, and our partners together enable a truly digital dynamic sourcing experience.

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Greenscreens has developed an unprecedented approach to rating that this industry has been void of up until now. The ability to identify market needs, along with the acumen to innovate, to develop effective tools in such a volatile industry is what we look for in partners. Greenscreens fits this mold perfectly. Pairing this unique AI driven predictive rate engine with our TABi Connect Automated Rate Quoting will bring a tremendous competitive advantage to our customers.

Scott Hadley
VP Business Strategy, Hubtek

In 2021 the Domestic Transportation Management Freight Brokerage 3PL segment saw 39.5% growth compared with the prior year to $127.2 billion. Enabling freight brokers to quickly provide customers fast and accurate spot market pricing through AI and machine learning can lead superior growth for those operating in this segment. Greenscreens' targeted solution addresses one of freight brokers' largest pain points.

Evan Armstrong
President, Armstrong & Associates

We are thrilled to work with on a robust integration between our two platforms. The two primary questions freight brokers must always answer are Who Should I Call? and What Should I Pay? Now, our mutual clients will have access to the most intelligent answers to both of these questions when and where they need the information.

Noam Frankel
Founder & CEO, FreightFriend

We're proud to be partnered with modern quoting solutions like to offer Rose Rocket users easier ways to service their customers. shares our vision of leveraging technology to put the customer experience first, and our new integration is a great example of what it means to have access to the right data at the right time to make decisions that impact the bottom line.

Grace Hernandez
Head of Ecosystems,
Product Management, Rose Rocket

We are excited to partner with to power Turvo Collaboration Cloud and TMS with machine learning, AI-driven market intelligence, and pricing insights to help our customers make better decisions in real-time, for better profit margins. A true differentiator for Turvo is our architecture, easy-to-use API, and extensibility that allows us to integrate with best-of-breed solutions that drive a better overall experience for our broker and 3PL customers, and their customers and carriers.

Ron Richardson
Chief Revenue Officer of Turvo

TMS Partners partners with industry-leading TMS providers to not only ensure the seamless flow of the TMS transactional data that powers our AI & machine-learning, but also to allow users to have the full experience within their existing systems and workflow.

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At Greenscreens.AI we believe that price and people are what connect the supply & demand. Through our alliances with leading providers in quote automation, procurement, capacity sourcing, and connectivity, together we enable a truly dynamic quote-to-booking experience for our customers.

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Our Marketing Partners and Advisors have a shared vision on the power of dynamic pricing in a connected ecosystem. Through collaboration with these partners, we work to build market awareness of the brand and the future of dynamic pricing for the Logistics industry.

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