Greenscreens Core

Data-driven AI rate predictions based on your brokerage’s history and the GS Network

Core Features

The volatility of truckload capacity supply and demand makes quoting customers a challenge. Market conditions, seasonality, supply chain disruptions, load attributes, lane difficulties, consumer constraints – the list of factors that can compromise your margin seems infinite. Until now, brokers have been forced to rely on a combination of market averages and gut feeling when pricing freight. is changing all that. We harness the power of machine learning and real-time data to provide you with a cutting-edge predictive freight pricing tool. Our AI models integrate your brokerage’s historical booking rates with up-to-the-minute market data for fast, accurate buy and sell rate predictions, letting you quote more freight faster. 

Along with rate predictions, the Greenscreens UI offers information on market conditions and your brokerage’s historical buy rates. Our user-friendly freight pricing tools minimize training time and let even your newest employees quote with confidence. 
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What We Offer

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Network Rates
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Real-Time pricing performance metrics
Quick insights into your historical data

Network and Target Rate

Greenscreens provides you with two crucial rates: The Target Buy Rate, tailored to your brokerage's buying power and market conditions, and the Network Rate, offering unbiased market insights based on Greenscreens consortium Network data.

Bids and Quotes

You can create, email and manage carrier bids and customer quotes directly from Customers and carriers can respond right within their email. We include tabs for quote and bid management and analysis to speed things up and provide strategic insight. You can create automatic markups and discounts based on various conditions, including customer, lane, and length of haul, and track the effects on your win rate. also offers integrations for many TMSs and auto quote systems, so you can consolidate all your data in one place.

Negotiation Coach

The right information at the right time can be the edge you need to negotiate the best possible rate with a shipper or carrier. The Greenscreens Negotiation Coach puts information that might affect the price of a load, such as previous booking rates, holidays, and market dynamics, right in front of you, in a format you can use right off the screen when talking to a carrier. For new employees, the Negotiation Coach is like having an experienced broker looking over their shoulder, offering advice.

Accuracy Report

We believe in transparency here at We also want you to feel confident about the rates our AI predicts. The Rate Accuracy Report is always available, so you can see how well your machine learning model is doing in real-time. It shows you the margin of error on your predictions in multiple formats, so you can easily track the accuracy of your predictions.

Capacity on Tap

Greenscreens' Capacity on Tap feature shows you the top carriers from your network along with contact info and relevant rate information and lets you request bids fast. We can include tabs for capacity partners, such as Cargo Chief, FreightFriend, Yat, and Highway, so you can view rates and request bids from partners and build strong relationships. Capacity on Tap is one more way Greenscreens helps you win more freight faster!
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how do we do all this?

Advanced Machine Learning

Using your brokerage's historical data, we accurately predict rates tailored to your needs. No more relying on outdated historical averages – our models consider various factors for precise predictions. Customized to your brokerage, our technology reflects your unique buying power. Join us and embrace the next generation of pricing solutions!