Greenscreens Insights

Actionable business insight for analyzing current performance and discovering new opportunities

Insights Answers

Which reps/teams are not performing according to expectations?
Personalized Target Buy & Sell Rate Predictions
Which customers are worth focusing on?
Who are my top-performing reps/teams?
How to assign the right loads to the right rep to optimize the overall margin and coverage time?
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Insights Offers

Detailed reports

View specific reports related to Lanes, Mode, Rep, Carriers, Customers, and more. Each report can be exported to a spreadsheet for further analysis, or for sharing with partners and shareholders.

Custom goal setting

Monthly goals can be uploaded to the system to provide real-time performance insights that are relevant to your goals.

Information on what wins

Gain a snapshot of your team's overall performance or drill down into a specific metric, such as load volume or gross profit distribution.

Customer and team numbers

Track customer and team performance, so you know which customers are worth a little extra focus and which reps are meeting or exceeding expectations.
Exporting your Data

Seamlessly Export and Analyze

If you use spreadsheets for analysis, or to integrate with another app, no problem! All of the data in Insights can easily be exported to spreadsheets. 
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Things move fast in the world of freight.

Tracking your team’s performance in such a dynamic environment can be a challenge. That’s why we created Greenscreens Insights. With Insights, you can gain a quick snapshot of your team's achievements or drill down through detailed performance reports. Insights lets you set custom goals and forecasts for your team, follow your progress and address opportunities for growth. You can easily gauge your win rate with customers and identify your top performers, as well as those who may need additional coaching and guidance. Insights shows you where you’re winning, so you can stay ahead.
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