Customer Spotlight with Great Lakes Transportation

Great Lakes Transportation Solutions is a non-asset-based brokerage located in Buffalo, New York, specializing in full truckload, van, and reefer freight hauling across the country. The organization has been serving its happy customers for over seven years.

Prior to, the Great Lakes team was using other market intelligence tools that provided the team with limited historical data. This often made it difficult for the team to price freight accordingly with relevance as to what was happening in real time.

It was the lack of historical data available and the overall market volatility post-pandemic that highlighted a need for a new solution. Great Lakes wanted to ensure they were servicing their customers with the best rates and quotes, day in and day out, to obtain freight and grow business with them. 

In a hunt for a new pricing tool, Great Lakes was looking for a data intelligence tool that would provide: 

  • A personalized experience, rather than market averages 
  • That would align with the business goals and how the organization wanted to conduct themselves
  • Provide Insights that wouldprovide a baseline of where the organization stands within the market


“ has been a key component in the success seen on the customer delivery side of the house. Not just for spot rates and day-in and day-out needs but by really allowing Great Lakes to be more strategic in terms of RFPs or large contractual freight that we have a chance to win.” has helped Great Lake Transportation: 

  • Increase Strategic Ability 
  • Recognize new opportunities,  
  • Encourage the team to confidently take risks, 
  • Increase the number of rates to customers
  • Help deliver on their promises to customers 
  • Help the carrier management team negotiate the best rates for a win-win situation 

 Great Lakes recognizes each customer should be treated in an individual, personalized manner. Every customer has a unique need and demand, whether it’s a type of freight, geographic location, or materials that require special handling.’s ability to take a company’s own data with real-time market data has allowed Great Lakes to provide that personalized experience they originally sought out for. 

“By mixing freight market data with historical and current data, with our own data, has allowed us to be the best version of ourselves.” 

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