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Summit Eleven's Chief Operating Officer, Jeremy Nolt has a chat with Trey Griggs of Beta Consulting Group about the success his company has seen with

How to Provide Better, More Accurate Freight Pricing

In such a volatile, ever-changing market, tools that provide real-time relevant data are necessary.  Before Greenscreens, the Summit Eleven team relied on old, proprietary pricing tools that failed to reflect the real-time nature of the market.

The data presented was often delayed by one to two weeks, making it a challenge to accurately quote without a bit of a guessing game. 

As the market began to shift, with national rates and tender rejects decreasing, the Summit Eleven team knew they had no choice but to amp up their pricing strategy. 

  • Become more aggressive with pricing 
  • Be more transparent with carriers 
  • Find additional tools to support and automate these actions 

In the first month of utilizing, Summit Eleven reported a record month for volume growth — reporting a 19% month-over-month growth in volume, crediting as contributing to this growth success. In addition to their significant volume growth, Summit Eleven stated the accuracy of’s suggested Target Buy Rates were spot on, reporting an accuracy rate of 3%. 

“The rates that is suggesting for us compared to what we’re actually paying the carriers from an end-of-the-month, aggregate standpoint, we were within 3%.  So it was pretty easy to get the team to buy in when we were able to show them that data after the first month.” — Jeremy Holt

Summit Eleven's Wins with

Provides Customers With Accurate Freight Pricing takes in disparate data sources and historical data to provide the most accurate, relevant price in real-time. 

Carrier Transparency’s built-in negotiation coach provides automated coaching for carrier reps to not only helo carrier reps make accurate buying decisions but also help to provide pricing transparency with carriers. When carrier reps are logged in to the platform, they can get negotiation tips based on previous lane history data and use that information when talking to carriers. Such examples include — the price paid the last time the lane was run, the highest price paid, or if there is a holiday or current event happening that may affect the real-time rate. The negotiation coach provides reps with opportunities to take the conversation when selling a load to a carrier. 

Optimizes Reps Workflow 

Right underneath, reps can also access carrier history right within the platform. Removing the friction of moving from one platform to another. Instead of us having to go to an external platform to post the load out to the market, digging through a notepad to find the carrier we booked the load with last,  they’re able to see each carrier we’ve run that lane with previously, how many loads we’ve run with them, what the rate was we paid them the last time or the last several times. 

But just based on allowing us to increase volume, get better pricing for our customers, and give more transparency to our carriers, in addition to saving the sales team time when doing bids or spot quotes, it'll pay itself off within the matter of a few months, and the cost has not been a big deal for us in the sense that the return on investment that we’ve seen has been highly beneficial.

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