December 19, 2023

Feature Highlight: Multi-stop Predictions

Feature Highlight: Multi-stop Truckload Predictions

We’re proud to introduce our latest feature update: Multi-stop Truckload Predictions. This release marks a significant step forward in our commitment to providing top-tier full truckload pricing solutions. users can now add extra stops to a load and receive an accurate rate prediction for the whole route. 

Navigating the complexities of pricing a multi-stop lane is no walk in the park for brokers, but it's a skill set that can't be overlooked. Multi-stop routes stand as a crucial element in shippers' operational strategies, contributing not just to cost savings but also to the reduction of carbon footprint and the maintenance of operational punctuality.

In determining the best price, freight brokers have traditionally resorted to methods involving an added baseline per stop, coupled with a substantial amount of guesswork. These approaches, riddled with time-consuming steps, have been the go-to, but not necessarily the most efficient or accurate, methods in the broker's toolkit. 

This update provides a robust and accurate pricing model for multi-stop freight. The model includes stop count and out-of-route miles to come up with an all-in rate to target carriers.

Requesting a quote or bid for multi-stop lanes is as seamless as it is for any other lane. When submitting your quote or bid request, you'll notice extra stops right on the quote or bid request form.  This allows you to add details that will be seamlessly integrated into your quote and bid emails. 

As long as we have data on past multi-stop loads, users can count on accurate predictions. Our multi-stop model aligns seamlessly with the well-known 2-stop accuracy, factoring in mile deviations and the number of additional stops. Plus, we've got batch predictions for added convenience.

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