Feature Highlight: Rate Accuracy Report

January 25, 2024

The Rate Accuracy Report is just as it sounds. It’s a report designed to provide users with detailed insights into their Target and Network Models’ performance. 

Target vs Network Models: For every prediction, Greenscreens provides a Network Rate prediction and a Target Buy Rate prediction. The Network Rate prediction is produced by the network model, which uses our entire network's load data. The Target Buy Rate prediction is created by a model trained to predict a brokerage’s rates, based both on the brokerage’s data and data from Greenscreens’ entire network. 

Insights like this help brokerages identify and focus on their best loads, regions, clients, carriers, or whatever mix creates success. This latest version of the Rate Accuracy Report streamlines the interface for a more intuitive user experience and introduces new functionalities for better evaluation of data and user interactions. 

Go Live Tab: The Go Live tab focuses on readiness for implementation and initial performance metrics. For every model that we train, we test that model against a small subset of data that hasn’t been used in model training to see how it will perform in real life. The go-live tab reflects the test set of data that the model is benchmarked against.  

Live Model Performance Tab: The Live Model Performance tab offers a deep dive into the live operational performance of the model. It shows forecast bias and a list of outlier predictions. It includes enhanced filtering so you can gain tailored insights into model performance. It allows pricing managers to dive in and see where they should take a look at the network, for instance, or use the Target Buy Rate to incentivize a group or make general adjustments.

Usage Tab: The Usage tab provides analytics on user interaction and model utilization. It’s designed to give you a better idea of how your reps are using Greenscreens. Filtered views include Prediction Volume by User and Predictions by Confidence. 

Transparency That Leads to Trust. 

As we proudly proclaim, “NO BS, Just GS.” The Rate Accuracy Report serves as a testament to this commitment. We firmly believe that honesty is the best policy, acknowledging the existence of errors in any rate prediction. By removing the walls, we can provide our customers with transparency. Because why wouldn't we?  Technology should be easy to use and understand. Sometimes it is the simplest, most obvious thing you can do for your customers to greatly earn their trust and prove your worth.

In addition to transparency, the Rate Accuracy Report can be used to seamlessly compare weekday vs weekend performance, identify competitive advantages, and identify potential problem areas in your freight network that need more time and attention. If you’re interested in learning more and would like to see the Rate Accuracy Report in action, click here. 

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