Partnership and S2Q Systems Partner to Enhance Quoting Experience with Increased Rate Accuracy

April 11, 2023

S2Q Systems, creators of the email workflow automation platform Speed to Quote™, are announcing a Partnership integration with This integration allows mutual users of the products to access's real-time, dynamic rates directly within S2Q Systems’ products Speed to Quote™ and Speed to Bid™. 

“Our solutions, Speed to Quote™ and Speed to Bid™, provide automation with strategic integrated technology that allows carriers and brokers to operate at the highest levels without losing the human touch,” says Ben Derin, Founder of S2Q Systems. “Integrating with helps companies achieve the speed and responsiveness they need from our products with significant pricing accuracy from’s rates to win loads and operate more efficiently.”

Within the integration, users can see both the Target Rate and the Network Rate. 

  • Target Rate: The target rate is the real-time truckload cost prediction for which the load will be booked. It is modeled against a brokerage's own load data and buying power leveraging market conditions and consortium data to ensure prediction accuracy. This rate is intended to stay in line with changes in market conditions and trends, continuously updating. This rate includes fuel.
  • Network Rate: The network rate is made up of’s customers’ load data, also known as the consortium, influenced by 3rd party datasets to train the AI for market conditions and trends. This rate is unbiased by a brokerage’s individual buying power.

S2Q Systems’ solutions help brokers and carriers respond to incoming quote requests from email and bid boards as fast as possible. In addition, users can lean on the confidence level that’s associated with the rate to make decisions immediately without having to verify the provided rate. 

Confidence Level: Confidence Level is an AI-generated score to help identify the amount of work needed to find capacity at a specific price. It is not an indicator of rate accuracy.  Every rate prediction comes with a confidence score that helps to remove the guesswork as to how hard it will be to cover a load at the given price based on current market conditions.

“For freight brokers, it’s not always the lowest rate that wins. Sometimes it’s the fastest, most reasonable rate. With this integration, mutual users no longer have to decide between fast or accurate rates; this partnership provides both”, says Dawn Salvucci-Favier, CEO of 

About is a dynamic pricing infrastructure for the logistics industry that delivers freight market pricing intelligence and business insights to help grow and protect margins. We exist to help our customers quote with confidence & win more business…more profitably. Our solution combines the power of aggregated market data and an organization's own historical data with advanced machine learning techniques to deliver short-term predictive freight market pricing specific to their individual buying and selling behavior.

About S2Q Systems

S2Q Systems develops and deploys purpose-driven technology for the transportation and logistics industries. S2Q Systems’ products Speed to Quote™ and Speed to Bid™ enable customers to bring speed, accuracy and responsiveness to their quoting and bidding processes. For more information, visit

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