Partnership Announces Integration Partnership With Bitfreighter

February 28, 2023 is thrilled to announce our integration with Bitfreighter’s LiveQuote tool, a real-time quoting API tool that allows users to automate truckload quotes in Real Time or to Spot Boards of various Shipper TMS’. 

Mutual users can now leverage’s predictive pricing engine to power truckload quotes through Bitfreighters EDI and LiveQuote functionalities.’s predictive pricing tool predicts rates based on real-time market conditions and a broker’s own buying power.

“With the connections of these three tools,, LiveQuote, and Bitfreighters EDI or API, freight brokers now have the ability to completely automate the life of a load, from instant quoting to building awarded freight to invoicing, all at a very affordable price” said David McCoy, Vice President of Sales at Bitfreighter. 

This integration allows users of LiveQuote to select as their API Pricing Provider. Users can do so by entering their credentials within the Bitfreighter Dashboard. Users also can set a custom threshold for the confidence level. and Bitfreighter

Example Above: Here, a prediction from must be at least at a 98 Confidence Level.’s Confidence Level measures the effort required to book a load at the predicted rate. Confidence Level Explained

“We’re on a mission to enhance the user experience by meeting customers where they are in their digital transformation,” said Dawn Salvucci-Favier, CEO and Chief Product Officer at 

By partnering with best-in-class technologies like Bitfreighter, intends to help build a more open and integrated technology ecosystem to serve logistics service providers better.

Using EDI in Logistics  

EDI has always been seen as either a nice to have or a necessary evil to do business with a certain shipper or to keep business with a certain shipper. Using Bitfreighter for EDI changes that, and the mind shift can change to brokers utilizing EDI automation to reach out to their shippers and get them all on EDI, now automating their operation at an affordable cost.

Example:  Shippers will send load tenders to carriers and freight brokers <—> Freight brokers and Carriers will provide statuses back 

Common EDI items exchanged are:

  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Acknowledgments
  • Acceptance/Rejection
  • Status Updates

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