Greenscreens.AI to Sponsor The Word on the Street powered by BETA Consulting Group

April 7, 2022

St. Louis, MO & West Palm Beach, FL - April 27, 2022 – Greenscreens.AI and BETA Consulting Group partner up to drive awareness of the future of dynamic pricing.

Pricing has been a challenge for shippers, brokers and carriers since freight started rolling down the line, and it has persisted to be an archaic aspect of the freight industry. Greenscreens.AI is changing that by providing innovative, dynamic solutions to minimize the challenges within the industry, creating unprecedented levels of transparency.

"The freight industry has shifted into a more dynamic, unpredictable state primarily because consumers and B2B now maintain an expectation of a faster, more efficient shipping process. If logistics service providers hope to survive in this climate, they need to adapt their pricing strategies so they can quickly respond to real-time market conditions. Trey is an incredible voice who is continually advocating for this type of technology initiative. Greenscreens.AI is addressing these problems by providing real-time dynamic pricing using the most advanced AI and machine-learning technology available in the industry. This partnership was a perfect match." said Kevin Coomes, Vice President of Sales at Greenscreens.AI.

The partnership includes Greenscreens.AI sponsorship of all episodes of The Word on the Street, a weekly podcast that includes 10 logistics professionals, including Trey, the host of the show and Founder & CEO of BETA Consulting Group.

"In looking for a partner to sponsor The Word on the Street and to welcome me as a brand ambassador, there are only two criteria that guide my decisions: Do I believe in the product/service? And do I believe in the people behind it? In the case of Greenscreens.AI, it was a resounding 'yes' to both criteria, as they continue to revolutionize the ability to understand and predict pricing based on real-time intel, true machine learning and AI," states Griggs.

Greenscreens.AI has partnered with leading organizations that understand the power of a connected ecosystem and want to revolutionize the digital evolution of logistics. By connecting people, price, demand and supply, in the systems you and your trading partners already use, Greenscreens.AI and our partners together enable a truly digital dynamic sourcing experience. Our Marketing Partners and Advisors, like BETA Consulting Group, have a shared vision on the power of dynamic pricing in a connected ecosystem. Through collaboration with these partners, we jointly work to build market awareness of the Greenscreens.AI brand and the future of dynamic pricing for the logistics industry.

"We're thrilled to partner with Trey and BETA Consulting Group on our journey to transform the industry together. Trey has continued to prove himself to be a thought-leader with a very pragmatic approach to addressing decades-old industry challenges. Our decision to partner with him and his organization was a no-brainer, and we very much look forward to working together," Dawn Salvucci-Favier, CEO of GreenScreens.AI, said.

About BETA Consulting Group

BETA Consulting Group is a sales & marketing consulting firm based out of Wildwood, Missouri, focused on sales, marketing & leadership, specifically branding, messaging, content creation and distribution. Led by founder Trey Griggs, an 11-year veteran in the transportation, logistics & supply chain industry, BCG offers unique, service-based solutions alongside consulting to create dynamic strategies and powerful deliverables. BCG also produces multiple podcasts, including The Word on the Street and Standing Out. To learn more, visit

About Greenscreens.AI

Greenscreens.AI is a dynamic pricing infrastructure for the logistics industry that delivers buy and sell-side market intelligence and business insights to help you grow and protect your margins. We exist to help our customers quote with confidence & win more business…more profitably. Our solution combines the power of aggregated market data and your company's data with advanced machine learning techniques to deliver short-term predictive freight market pricing specific to your company's individual buying and selling behavior. For more information about Greenscreens.AI visit

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