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December 7, 2022's Dynamic Pricing Helps GLS Exceed High-Pressure Growth Goals

How Dynamic Pricing Helped GLS Exceed Yearly Growth Goals

Challenge with Traditional Freight Pricing Methods

At this time, GLS knew its process of sourcing and manually processing data from multiple sources was effective but knew it wasn’t efficient. Landing on the right price in the freight market proves a challenge for many companies. Traditional pricing methods are manual, slow, and often reliant on backward-looking data. GLS quickly realized that continuing its freight pricing strategy with manual processes would not allow them to meet its business's growth goals. As a result, GLS embarked on a journey to upgrade its toolset, which included a new pricing tool and TMS System.

What GLS was Looking for in a Freight Pricing Tool

GLS sought a platform to enhance their outside sales and carrier sales reps with better pricing intelligence and decision support and provide their management team with in-depth analytics for performance monitoring.

  • More accurate, more competitive buy & sell rates
  • Provide insights into the best business opportunities
  • Increase response time in returning a quote to a customer
  • Increase the load volume per day per rep
  • Easy integration into existing processes and workflow

The Results

In their search for a new pricing tool, GLS came across many tools that seemed to recast data
that was already available. That was until they met

"The most important factors in selecting as our pricing partner was the recency and relevance of data on which the solution is based, as well as the overall trust in their pricing algorithm. The fact they are already pre-integrated into our new TMS is an added bonus." - Jameson Goforth, VP of Revenue at GLS US

Freight Broker reduced time to quote

Since introducing the solution as its pricing tool and Tai Software as its TMS, GLS has seen significant results in its operations, win rates, and margins.

Removing the manual process of checking multiple data sources has allowed GLS to reduce the number of steps to quote a customer from seven steps down to one single step. The ability to provide competitive market quotes at an increased rate has allowed GLS not only to win more business with current customers but also to gain new customers that were historically lost with their old pricing strategies. provides GLS with a new level of visibility to identify potential opportunities in new markets.

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