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NFI Enhances Customer Experience By Leveraging as It's Predictive Freight Pricing Tool

August 10, 2022

Selecting a Predictive Freight Pricing Tool

NFI wanted to enhance its pricing approach with a system that allowed them to leverage both internal and real-time market data. They recognized that the information used across the company could be more dynamic and better reflect current market conditions, relevant to their buying and selling behavior.

What they were looking for:

  • More accurate & timely pricing insights that reflect current market conditions
  • Personalization of rate predictions to the companies’ own buying and selling behavior and abilities 
  • Enhanced standardizations of the way buy and sell prices are set throughout the organization 

The Results 

NFI selected as their predictive freight pricing solution based on a shared vision for creating innovative solutions to the dynamic pricing challenges that most brokerages face on daily basis. 

In addition to providing users with predictive market pricing based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, the solution also provided NFI with powerful decision support and coaching tools. These include a list of vetted, approved carriers in the NFI network that have hauled the lane before, and the “Negotiation Coach” which turns a mountain of data into actionable insights that users at any experience level can absorb.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re an intern, a new employee on Day 1, an experienced Broker, or an executive. Everyone in the company has a stake, interest, and challenge in understanding the market dynamics.”

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