TMS Partnership: Integrates into 3PL Systems, Inc.'s BrokerWare

September 26, 2023 is proud to collaborate with 3PL Systems, Inc., through their cutting-edge BrokerWare TMS software. This alliance is poised to elevate the decision-making process for brokers by seamlessly integrating's lane rate predictions directly into the BrokerWare interface.

What is New for BrokerWare Users 

When users input lane data into BrokerWare, they will now encounter's lane rate predictions. These predictions comprise two key rate metrics: Target Rate: A personalized rate prediction tailored to the user's specific brokerage buying power. This rate is intricately linked to the user's historical data, offering a highly accurate rate prediction. Network Rate: An unbiased rate that represents the broader market, enabling brokers to gauge their pricing against how the industry as a whole is buying.  Brokers can leverage this benchmark rate to gain insights into their competitive position within the market. 

Empowering Brokers with Accurate, Predictive Rates

This integration empowers brokers to make informed decisions within seconds, eliminating the need to leave the BrokerWare interface to cross-reference rates from other sources. In the dynamic and fast-paced world of freight logistics, where every second counts, this is a game-changer. In today's ever-evolving freight market, technological growth is not just an option but a necessity. The 3PL Systems, Inc. team has always embraced cutting-edge technologies, adapting swiftly to the intricacies of the freight market. By partnering with, they are now poised to offer BrokerWare users dynamic and predictive pricing directly within their TMS interface. 

Why Dynamic Pricing Matters

Small-to-mid-sizeIn recent years, logistics industry giants have made substantial investments in building dynamic pricing systems, a luxury that could be of reach for small-to-mid-size brokerages. Such investments include dynamic pricing initiatives to enhance pricing strategies. Dynamic rate predictions provide an immediate competitive edge by allowing brokers to facilitate fast and accurate responses to customer demand. This enables them to focus their expertise on delivering exceptional service and fostering enduring relationships. In addition, the freight market's ever-changing nature requires brokers to have access to the most up-to-date market insights, regardless of market conditions.'s lane rate predictions empower brokers with the ability to anticipate market trends as they unfold, offering data that remains relevant in the fast-paced world of logistics. In an industry where every decision impacts your bottom line, this partnership equips brokers with the tools they need to navigate confidently through any market conditions. Together, and 3PL Systems, Inc. are committed to driving innovation, and enabling growth, in a new era for logistics.

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