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May 30, 2024

May 30, 2024 – Exciting news! We’ve teamed up with Axle, the go-to for automating manual back-office operations to bring’s accurate rate intelligence into the workflow of Beacon, - a product of Axle . 

In today's fast-paced freight industry, the ability to respond quickly and accurately is essential, and this partnership enables brokers to do just that! Brokers can now streamline their communication and quoting processes, ensuring their automated workflows are powered by the industry’s most accurate spot market data. 

Axle’s product, Beacon, streamlines communications for brokers by connecting all their software systems, from their TMS to quoting and scheduling tools, to their inbox and CRM. Freight brokers can quickly generate rate quotes by pulling data from their  trusted rate provider tools such as

Beacon enables freight brokers to:

  • Quickly verify and onboard customers and carriers.
  • Instantly build loads and do away with manual data entry.
  • Accelerate pickup and drop-off appointment scheduling.
  • Automate customer and carrier track and trace updates.
  • Manage and focus time on real problems.

"We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Greenscreens," said Akshitha Ramachandran, Head of Growth at Axle. "By integrating Greenscreens' dynamic-pricing platform into Beacon, we are providing our customers with powerful tools to elevate their communication and customer relationships."

With this integration, brokers can leverage both the Target Rates and Network Rates quotes in two innovative ways:

Target vs Network Models: For every prediction, Greenscreens provides a Network Rate prediction and a Target Buy Rate prediction. The Network Rate prediction is produced by the network model, which uses our entire network's load data. The Target Buy Rate prediction is created by a model trained to predict a brokerage’s rates, based both on the brokerage’s data and data from Greenscreens’ entire network. 

Quick Quote for Websites

Customers can instantly get a quote from a broker, right from their website, just by filling out a 3-step form. An email conversation is started instantly and everything gets synced to the CRM. The quote is powered by and follows the broker's custom quoting rules.

Email Auto-Responses’s rating engine is also available in your inbox. Beacon will read emailed quote requests and instantly show a quote in a smart sidebar. 

We're Better Together has recently expanded its Partnerships Team to facilitate even greater growth with companies that share our vision and values within the "Better Together" ecosystem. Through the collaborations with innovative companies such as Axle, we take pride in enhancing connectivity and differentiation within mutual brokerages. We're observing that brokers who are currently implementing new tech strategies are experiencing growth despite market challenges.

“Our mission continues to be to help brokerages win more business, more profitably," said Matthew Silver, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. "By automating workflows without sacrificing speed or accuracy, this integration allows our mutual customers to do just that."

About Axle

Axle is a data company that builds core data tools for brokers and software providers. Our first product, Beacon, automates workflows with AI to help freight brokers increase capacity by 30-40%, reduce errors, and bolster customer relationships. Our software plugs directly into your email inbox and TMS to automate data entry, scheduling, track and trace, and more. Our telematics API product makes it really easy to onboard real-time telematics data from fleets. With a single integration, unlock access to 50+ devices, covering 80%+ of the market. To learn more, visit:

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